CAPD Mentoring for Audiologists & Other Professionals

For awhile now, we have seen the need for quality mentoring services for audiology (and other) Laptop n Notebookspecialists who need more information and/or training in the area of Auditory Processing Disorders (CAPD).  Mike Webb, our neuro-audiologist is increasingly being called on to offer such support.  His 40 years experience in general audiology and hearing device specialty, combined with over eleven years sub-specialization in neuro-audiology and auditory processing diagnosis and treatment has prepared him to be an able mentor in this area.

And sadly the current educational model for new doctors of audiology is–with rare exceptions–woefully lacking in in-depth training in this specialty area.  What training is offered is largely academic, with very few robust opportunities for practical training with experienced CAPD professional mentors.

In response to this need, EAR-Central, PLLC, in conjunction with Michael Webb, has made provision for various levels and types of CAPD/ Audiology mentoring services through our division called “AuDMent.”  (That stands for “Audiology Design and Mentoring.”)  AuDMent offers training onlineOn site.  For individuals.  For groups.

If you are an audiologist (or from a related profession) and would like more practical preparation for working in this highly rewarding sub-specialty, or as a complementary multi-disciplinary professional, please call Michael Webb at 1-877-456-4725, or email him at  We have prepared a practice questionnaire which we can send to you, to help you —with assistance from us–take inventory and assess what type and extent of support you may require to get up and running in working with CAPD.  We look forward to talking with you!  Cost estimates available upon request.