Deficit-Specific CAPD Therapy Available at EAR-Central, PLLC

CapdotsKidShotEAR-Central, PLLC is pleased to expand its offering of deficit-specific therapy for CAPD!  As was described on our page Therapy for CAPD, deficit-specific therapies can be accomplished by means of computer or tablet-based programs without direct supervision (although audiologist monitoring is needed and is achieved remotely via web-based access).  In most cases, this type of therapy involves the purchase of a therapy license through EAR-Central which provides a year of use for one patient.  In some license packages, online progress monitoring is included.  Follow-up (post-therapy) testing is not included in the cost of the license.

The second method is via personal (face-to-face) therapy with the audiologist or other qualified therapy associate.  Our newly-added PART Therapy (Phonemic Auditory Reinforcement Training) is in this category.  Because APD deficits like phonemic processing, short-term auditory memory (STAM), and speech-in-noise (SPIN) problems  commonly coexist to some degree in most CAPD patients, the phonemic training is typically supplemented with STAM and SPIN therapy exercises in the same sessions, with the proportion of eaciLsKidShot1h component chosen according to the relative degree of deficit in each area.  Follow-up (post-therapy) testing is included in the cost of the therapy.

PROs & CONs?

Computer-based–PROs: Less expensive than personal therapy.  Attractive to kids.  Accessible at home/ schedule-friendly.  Fun screen interfaces.  Lots of variety.  Sometimes can be a good supplement to personal therapies.

Computer-based–CONs: Computer/ tablet-based therapy is less flexible and typically not easily customized if required.  Due to concerns about excessive screen-time, especially for young children, use of these programs need to kept in a healthy balance with other physical and social activities.  Some degree of parent supervision needed to make sure units are completed properly.  While professional monitoring of progress during training is included in the license fee, follow-up (post-therapy) testing is a separate service (typically $50-100 fee).

Personal Therapy-PROs:    More focused and strategic (especially in more severe/complex cases).  Can be adapted/ modified according to therapy outcomes to accelerate or decelerate therapy pace according to the patient needs.  Permits ongoing professional assessment of needs by the audiologist during the course of therapy.  Follow-up (post-therapy) testing is included in the cost of the therapy.

Personal Therapy-CONs:  More expensive (many insurances may reimburse you some portion of the charges).  Requires therapy sessions at our office, and therefore commute/ greater time investment outside of the home.

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