CAPD Diagnostic Fee Schedule

Free Initial Consultation–by phone or in office (30 minutes):  Complimentary

Second-opinion case review and consultation (included when we do your testing), after 30 minute free session:  $50 per half-hour

Peripheral (traditional) Audiological Evaluation:

Our preferred policy, since our practice is limited to central auditory processing (CAPD), is that traditional hearing tests which measure peripheral hearing (at the ears) should be completed before you are referred to us.  It is critical, however, that the peripheral testing meet the following requirements(If your audiologist needs these guidelines clarified prior to a test, if you email us their contact information at, we can email these requirements to them.  They can also call us at 877-456-4725)

  • Tests must be done by a licensed clinical audiologist.
  • Pure-tone audiogram must include all frequencies from 250-8000 Hz, including the half-octaves at 3000 and 6000 Hz.  Bone conduction (if needed) must be masked when any possibility of air-bone gap(s) exists.
  • Test must include speech reception thresholds (SRTs), word recognition scores (WRS) in quiet.  Speech-in-noise tests (e.g., QuickSIN, BKB-SIN) are helpful, but not mandatory.
  • Immittance audiometry is required–including tympanometry and acoustic reflex thresholds (ipsilateral and contralateral), not just screening, please.  Reflex decay is not required.
  • Screening Otoacoustic Emissions parent_earchart(OAEs), if available, should be performed (Distortion Product OAEs [DPOAEs] are preferred).
  • A valid peripheral test battery is the prerequisite foundation to any reliable CAPD evaluation.  Please Note: Because accuracy is so critical in CAPD assessment, the peripheral test results must be recent (within 90 days for adults; within 30 days for children), and if not acceptable (or available at time of CAPD test), must be re-administered in our office before proceeding with CAPD tests (an additional charge will apply).  We reserve the right to reject or re-do (confirm) any portion(s) of a peripheral test prior to CAPD testing if needed to assure a valid and complete CAPD test outcome.

Our CAPD Evaluation Fees (Please see our Financial Policies for more info):

CAPD Evaluation (Behavioral tests):  Charges are based on actual testing time required.  Interviews, breaks, report-writing, are not billable time and are included in the testing fee–unless not done in conjunction with CAPD testing (i.e., as stand-alone services).

  • Basic (1 hour):  $200   (Each additional 15-minute increment–or portion thereof–is $50)
  • Typical (90 minutes):  $300   (Each additional 15-minute increment–or portion thereof–is $50)
  • Extensive (2 hours):  $400   (2 hours is our maximum testing period per appointment)
  • NOTE:  We have established a $500 cap for private-pay, out-of-pocket services.  If  total charges (behavioral tests and AEPs) exceed $500, your payment responsibility will be capped at $500 (Auditory processing test services incurred within a contiguous 30-day period.)

Auditory Electrophysiologic Potentials (AEPs:  AEP charges (when administered) are billed by procedure, separate from CAPD timed assessment fees and the time required for their administration does not count towards the CAPD timed charges. Typically they are performed at a separate appointment than behavioral tests.

  • Brain-stem evoked response (ABR) AEPs:   Limited $75  / Comprehensive$125
  • Cortical evoked AEPs (Middle-Late (AMLR) and Cortical-ALR and CERP (P300/MMN) AEP’s:    $100
  • Combined Brain-stem and Cortical AEPs:  ABR, AMLR, and Cortical AEPsP300:    $175

We offer “Care Credit” interest-free extended payment plans (on approved credit).

For a FREE 30-minute consultation, or to schedule evaluation appointments, please call our Toll-Free  number (below).  You may also email us a general question.

For Information, Please Call:

  1-877-456-4725 (Toll-free)