Financial (and Other) Policies


  • All CAPD diagnostic and therapy services, including therapy equipment and/ or license fees are on a private-pay basis* (includes cash, money orders, and personal or cashier’s checks).
  • Diagnostic fees vary widely depending on the complexity of the case, the amount/type of testing required, the amount of medical/educational documentation which must be reviewed, the type and complexity of report required; etc.  Testing fees ranging from $700 to $1200 are typical, but are difficult to predict ahead of time.  Don’t hesitate to email us at if you have questions.
  • Debit/Credit cards (or PayPal) will be accepted, but we charge a 3% courtesy fee (of charged amount) when they are used to cover the bank/ service charges we must pay when they are used.  [our PayPal address is]
  • We also offer “Care Credit” interest-free extended payment plans (on approved credit)
  • Fees must be paid at time of your appointment
  • Returned Personal Checks:  Checks returned for insufnsf_checkficient funds will be subject to a $50 fee, and may be reported to appropriate authorities if not remedied in a timely way (within five business days of notification).  NSF checks must be remedied by cash, money order, or cashier’s check.  Further services cannot be provided, nor any records released until resolved.
  • We do not accept most insurances, with the exception of Tricare and Medicare.  For these two only, we will bill your charges electronically and accept assignment as contracted providers.  Prior referral is required.
  • For other insurance plans, we will happily provide needed information to enable you to obtain referrals from your medical provider (if required), and to file a claims with your healthcare coverage to recoup any covered benefits.  Obtaining referrals is the patient’s responsibility.  Any insurance reimbursements would be paid to you, not to our office.  While we can advise you, we cannot file claims for you, and are not responsible for tracking claims and collecting those benefits for you. Payment to us for professional fees is due at your appointment (with the exception of Medicare and Tricare), not when you are reimbursed for any covered expenses.
  • Extra Documentation: We will assist you with documentation in any reasonable way we can, however, should customized appeal documentation (for health benefit claims) or other special narrative reports (to other agencies, providers, or individuals) be requested from us (beyond the comprehensive CAPD report we will provide with all evaluations), there will be an additional fee which will be based on the amount of time involved in researching/writing the document (Typically $50 – $100).
  • Expedited Reports:  One hard copy of your CAPD report is included at no extra charge.  Due to the complexity of reports, 14-30 days (depending on backlog) are required to score, analyze, and formulate professional reports.  If a report is required more rapidly, there will be an additional fee charged ($150-250), depending on how rapidly the report is needed.  If our caseload makes it impossible to produce a full report when needed, an initial  summary statement can be provided, followed by the full report ASAP.  There is an additional fee for this service.
  • Release of Documents:  CAPD reports and any other supporting documents prepared by us will not be released until all professional fees /extra documentation charges have been paid in full.  HIPAA regulations do not permit release of records based on verbal requests.  We will require written permission from patient or, if a minor or incapacitated, their legal representative (parent, legal guardian, POA) to release reports to entities other than referring specialists.
  • *Cancellation of Appointments: Since our CAPD evaluations are typically 90-180 minute appointment slots, a last-minute cancellation or no-show leaves us without opportunity to fill that slot and constitutes a loss to our practice. Therefore, we request a minimum 24-hour notice for cancellation of these appointments.  Appointments cancelled with less than 24-hour notice may be rescheduled, but we will require a $300 non-refundable deposit to hold the appointment.  The $300 will be fully applied to your test charges when they are completed.  The deposit will be forfeited if there is a failure to show for the rescheduled appointment.  If two consecutive missed appointments occur without justifiable cause, at out sole discretion, we reserve the right to refuse to schedule further appointments.

Financial Assistance:  Persons with legitimate financial hardships, may be considered for fee modification or outside financial support, when available.  Proof of financial need will be required (income and expense records; etc., may be requested.)  It is our philosophy that the order of finding resources for such needs should be– 1) Personal budgeting, contribution, and financial lifestyle choices (i.e., non-essentials reduced or postponed in favor of critical services for self or loved one), 2) Seek assistance from family and significant others, your church, or community organizations, then lastly, 3) Apply for consideration with our office.  We are a private entity and receive no grants or public funds for financial support, and should, therefore, be the last resort for financial assistance.

If your school system, healthcare entity, or other referral source has a contract with us for CAPD services, the terms outlined above may not all apply as stated.

If you have questions about our financial policies, please don’t hesitate to contact us at our telephone number below, or email us. Some of your questions may be answered by reviewing our Frequently-Asked Questions(F.A.Q.s) Page.

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