Directions/ Maps to Our Office Locations




Home-based office at the residence of Michael Webb

  • 1510  Joseph Place, Sierra Vista, AZ  85635
  • Tel:  1-877-456-4725

IMPORTANT NAVIGATION TIPS:  We are one block north of Carmelita Drive at the corner of Joseph Place (a cul de sac) and Lenzner Ave.  The Carmelita Apartments are across Lenzner from us.  (Two blocks south of Bella Vista Elementary School.)  We have a large white RV parked in our driveway.  Our house number (1510) is engraved on a boulder, set back from our mail box.  We have a “Narnia” lamppost in our front yard.  An EAR-Central practice sign will be displayed on the front door.  (Click on “View larger map” below to see photographs.)

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Professional hospitality provided by

Arizona Balance and Hearing Aids (ABHA)/ Dr. Dana Day

  • 4004 N. 7th Street, Phoenix AZ,  85014
  • Tel:  1-877-456-4725

IMPORTANT NAVIGATION TIPS:  Located approximately one block south of the Phoenix VA Medical Center (Indian School Rd. and 7th Street) on the WEST side of 7th St.  The ABHA building is set back from 7th slightly between two larger buildings, and has a covered parking canopy along the left side of the parking lot.  There is a small “ABHA” plaza sign just above fence level at the entrance, and an “ABHA” vertical banner, just above it.  Just to the north (right) of the ABHA building is a large, two-story,  green and white self-storage facility (“Extra Space Storage”).  “Andy’s Collision Center” is directly across 7th Street from the ABHA pull-in.  (Be careful!  Approach the area slowly to avoid having to “go around.”)  If you click on “View larger map” below,  Google Maps has some helpful photographs of the buildings to help you orient yourself, if you study them in advance.  Call if you have problems.