A Look At Our Sierra Vista (Hereford) Location!

IMG_1951On December 31, 2015, it was the end of an era…and the beginning of a new one!  Well, actually, the new era began in February, 2016, and most preparations are already finished or well underway.

We recently signed a lease agreement for office space in the Mountainside Center, situated in one of the most scenic locations in the Sierra Vista/Hereford area.  Nestled in the foothills of the Huachuca Mountains, at the mouth of Miller Canyon, the building has some of the most spectacular views in Cochise County!  And with Ricardo’s Mexican Restaurant on one side of us, and the Mimosa Pizzeria on the other, we can also claim some of the best food in the area as well!

Our waiting room (pictured above) certainly has one of the most dazzling views, and if you come at the right times, you may see some cattle contentedly grazing on the grassy field just beyond our fence.   We will have access to a conference room, a full kitchen and spacious common area where we can do educational seminars and meetings with groups.  We are very excited about the aethestics and flexible functionality of the new building!

IMG_0118To the left is a peek at our main consult room, which is has been in use since we opened in 2016.

    Our neighbors include the “Hereford Medical Clinic,” and the “Thoroughcare Home Health” Home Offices.  We are thankful for the warm welcome from those we’ve met so far and look forward to being introduced to the others.  Nathan Yarborough and Dr. Monica Vandivort, our landlords, have already been a blessing to work with.  Thanks, guys!


The pictures on the right are of our new, Narnia-themed therapy room, which we added in Fall, 2017. 

The therapy room has already been well-received.  One adult patient recently said, “This is such a welcoming room!  I would like to come play here too.  I bet the kids love it!”  They do.  (So do I!)  This room has our work stations for Interactive Metronome (IM) and interactive Listening System (iLs) therapy, and the associated movement/ balance activities. 


We opened our schedule for CAPD patients in February, 2016.  The practice is limited to Neuro-audiology and diagnosis/treatment of Auditory Processing Disorders only.  For general audiology services (including hearing aid fitting and related services) please ask your physician for a referral (if required) to a general audiology practice.  If CAPD is suspected from the patient history, educational struggles, traumatic brain injury or normal outcomes on traditional, peripheral hearing evaluation, referral to us would be appropriate.  When in doubt, don’t hesitate to call (or have your medical provider call) our office at the number below for a quick phone triage to help guide that decision.


For further information, or to make appointments for CAPD services with Michael Webb, M.S. at EAR-Central, PLLC, please call 520-378-9561 or 1-877-508-1130 (toll-free)Appointments are now available!