A Look At Our Home-Based Dewey-Prescott Location!

When we moved to Dewey in the Prescott area, one of our top priorities was finding a new home with space for re-establishing our home-based EAR-Central, PLLC office.   As I shared once before, I had always been fascinated with the concept of a home-based office since the early days of TV, when Donna Reed’s doctor-husband had a home office.  And who can forget Marcus Welby, M.D.?  Our experience with home-based practice in Sierra Vista had assured us that it was a good model for my type of work.

Anyway, we were thrilled to find our present home, located in the Prescott Country Club, which included a 200 square-foot building off the patio in the back yard.  The previous owner, an avid golfer, had used it for putting practice–complete with artificial turf and a HUGE (8 ft. x 10 ft.) wall poster picturing a Scottish golf course.  (It was pretty, but a PAIN to remove in order to paint the wall–think HOURS of steaming and scraping!)

We enlisted the skills of our friend, Ronnie Macaluso to come up from Sierra Vista and undertake the remodel.  Five days later, the building was transformed with new doors, suspended ceiling, mini-split heat pump for cooling/heating, laminate flooring, and interior paint.  After adding sound-dampening treatments, installing equipment, which was calibrated by our friends at MSR West, we were ready to roll on August 30th when I saw my first diagnostic patient.  I love the space, and actually have a better layout than in either of my previous facilities.  I’m very thankful.

We still have a little touch up left to do, exterior paint to apply, and the therapy area to organize, but we are good to go and excited about the results.  If you are in the area and would like to visit, please give us a call!

For further information, or to make appointments for CAPD services with Michael Webb, M.S. at EAR-Central, PLLC, please call 1-877-456-4725 (toll-free)Appointments are now available!