A Look At Our Home-Based Sierra Vista Location!

In order to accommodate a change in some of our family needs, we decided to close our Hereford location (in Mountainside Center) in order to reduce our overhead and downsize slightly by moving the EAR-Central office into our home!  I had always been fascinated with the concept of a home-based office since the early days of TV, when Donna Reed’s doctor-husband had a home office.  And who can forget Marcus Welby, M.D.?

Anyway, we were surprised at how readily our main consult/testing room and the therapy room blended together and fit pretty well into the common space we had at home.  It’s cozy…not an inch of space wasted (my tradition)…but it works.  We are looking forward to the first patients we have scheduled since the move, beginning July, 2018.

The office is on the ground level of our home, but–extremely rare in Arizona–we have a full, finished basement!  Some of our storage has gone down under, making it possible to combine our activities into a smaller space than we had in Hereford.

We are hopeful that our professional services will only be enhanced by being augmented by our hospitality, as we welcome those in need of services into our home.  We look forward to serving you, either here, or at the Phoenix office thanks to the professional hospitality of  “Arizona Balance and Hearing” at 4004 N. 7th Street, near the Phoenix VA Medical Center.

For further information, or to make appointments for CAPD services with Michael Webb, M.S. at EAR-Central, PLLC, please call 1-877-456-4725 (toll-free)Appointments are now available!